Good Look $125
I take a good look at your motorcycle and make necessary adjustments along the way.

Oil & Filter $50
Engine oil and filter are replaced. Pair with Good Look for a classic annual service.

Tire Replacement $50 / $125
Tires are changed with No-Mar equipment and static balanced. Bring your wheel / or your motorcycle.

Fork Rebuild $125 / $250
Forks are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt. Bring your forks / or your motorcycle.

Labor Rate $125 / hr
Maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics not listed are calculated at this rate.

Restoration Rate $75 / hr
Charges for restoring a cult or classic motorcycle to its proper glory are calculated at a special rate.

Mobile Winterization $125
I winterize your motorcycle at its storage location. 

Pickup and Delivery 
Your motorcycle is transported to and/or from its service appointment for a fair price.

*menu pricing does not include parts or shop supplies